Does becoming part of the Waverton Group mean that my investments will transfer to Waverton Investment Management?

No, we will still offer our current range of Multi Asset portfolios managed on our behalf by leading UK investment houses.

Will I have the same adviser/team?

Yes, there will be no changes to staff. We are proud that we have not had to furlough any staff and indeed have actively recruited 4 new employees since the onset of the pandemic.

What will the changes I will see day to day dealing with you?

There will be very little noticeable differences other than our branding changing in the summer.

Will my fees change?

We have no plans to alter our published fee structure.

Will the advised investment strategy change?

Our core investment proposition and range of investment managers will remain unchanged; however, the additional expertise of the larger group will allow us to enhance our services over time.

Will the platforms we use change?

Whether your investments are accessed through Aegon, Ascentric, Standard Life, or others, there will be no change.

Will there be any change to my adviser and the service I receive?

No, it will be business as usual.

Will the Waverton name change?

Yes, we will become Waverton Wealth Planning, but this will be some months away, as we need to await FCA approval and then begin a re-branding exercise. So nothing will change in the short term.

Will you be moving office?

No, we will work from our current locations in Edinburgh and Glasgow as normal.