Estate & Tax Planning

Inheritance tax was once the preserve of the seriously wealthy, but this is no longer the case. It is levied at a penal 40% on your total worldwide assets, after deducting relevant allowances and exemptions, and is a growing concern for many families.

At Waverton Wealth, we will work with you to use allowances and reliefs to minimize or eliminate your liability to this tax.  Speak to one of our advisers to discover the tax savings we could potentially help you to achieve.

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is a bit of a minefield these days, with frequent changes to legislation, the decline of gold plated final salary schemes and emphasis on personal provision. With an ever ageing population and increasing pressure on the State’s purse strings, we all know that it is down to us to ensure we and our families have a decent old age. The current government proposals to allow unrestricted access to many types of pension plan brings opportunity but also great risk.

Helping clients establish their retirement needs and build an achievable, robust retirement plan is one of Waverton Wealth’s strengths and never has advice in this area been so essential.

Savings & Investments

Whether you’re investing for the short or long-term, it pays dividends to consider all your options.

When it comes to investment, we all have a different attitude to risk and return and a wide range of objectives.

At Waverton Wealth, we can accurately assess and agree your appetite for risk, investment goals and timeframe, and devise a corresponding investment plan.

We are committed to helping you meet your objectives, both short and long-term. Whether your aspirations are small or grand, we will create a straightforward strategy that will help you to achieve them.

Responsible Futures

All forms of financial planning involve taking responsibility, whether it be for the  future financial wellbeing of you and your family, for how much tax you will have to pay or for protecting against risks and shocks along the way.

If you invest in our Responsible Futures portfolios, you are investing in companies that also take their responsibilities (to people and planet) seriously.

Responsible Futures is all about the footprints you leave behind. The portfolios aim to generate positive returns to build wealth for you and for your family’s future generations, but not at the expense of the future world and society that we and they will live in.

Family Protection

Everyone likes to feel protected. If your family depends on you financially, the need for protection is all the more pressing.

At Waverton Wealth, we can provide advice to protect the future wellbeing of you and your family should one of life’s more unfortunate incidents occur. No-one likes to contemplate the worst, but events like serious illness, incapacitation and unemployment often strike without warning.

With the appropriate protection in place you’ll have the comfort of knowing that you and your family are financially protected against premature death, critical illness and redundancy.

Private health provision has also become more commonplace in recent years. Not only does it give you access to the best possible healthcare, but it also affords a greater degree of medical choice and speed of response.

Budgeting & Saving

None of us can predict with absolute certainty what the future holds, but we can at least prepare ourselves financially for many eventualities. When you know you have money set aside, and working hard for you, it gives you and your family added financial security.

When you meet with Waverton Wealth for the first time, we will make sure we get to know your aims and objectives for the future. Do you simply want to put money aside for a rainy day or do you need to save for a specific purpose, such as ensuring your child has the best possible start in life? With private school fees costing several thousand pounds per term, it is important that you plan early; starting to save when your child is still a baby can make a big difference.

Later Life Planning

Growing older and being unable to look after ourselves isn’t something we like to contemplate. However, statistics show that a third of men and a fifth of women over 65 will need some form of long-term care.

We are all living longer these days, but we are also more likely to need some form of independent care. Many people think the government will pay for their long-term care, but this is not always the case. Any state support will depend on your level of income and the assets you own.

Care can prove expensive. However, careful forward planning can make good long-term care more affordable.
Waverton Wealth can help you make the best provision for your own long-term care or for a spouse or family member. We can talk you through the wide range of options available and help put in place a bespoke plan for you.

Trusts & Charities

The Waverton Wealth service and investment process is well suited to Trustee and Charity clients due to our diversified range of investment solutions, including ethical options.

We are able to provide a quality portfolio, regardless of the investment objectives or size of the funds to be invested. This will benefit from  a robust risk assessment and investment management process, targeting a certain level of return for an acceptable degree of investment risk. Waverton Wealth have experience of being involved within Boards of Charities as Board members, and many of our advisers provide advice relating to Trust and Charity monies.

Employee Financial Well-being

Employees financial needs change as they mature. Recent research (Lightbulb 2018) suggests that education is key in providing them with the knowledge that they require in order to make informed decisions in life. Increasingly employers are recognising that by making this knowledge available to their staff, not only does the employee see it as an added benefit provided by their employer but as a decision maker in choosing who to work for.