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In this episode, we are joined by successful female changemakers Anne Johnstone and Cathi Harrison. The four words we are thinking of this week are,

  • Bravery
  • Aspiration
  • Inspiration
  • Representation

Anne is the recent founder of Fair Futures Partnership, a consultancy specialising in ESG advice and she is on a mission to raise awareness of climate change and equality.

Cathi is the owner and director of Verve Group, which includes Apricity, Parasols and The Art of Finance, just to name a few! Cathi is a superstar of the financial services industry and also has her own podcast called That Mint Podcast. 

Listen along on to hear two very inspirational women discuss using your career to make a difference and make space for yourself and others. Both Anne and Cathi work in traditionally male-dominated industries and share this experience with us as well as what has inspired them on their journeys. 

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