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This week Rebecca and Ellie indulge their inner United Nation SDG geeks and welcome Emma Lupton of BMO GAM and academic expert Dorothea Christiana to discuss how they apply the SDGs to their work and their lives. We also get some very valuable tips from the children at Dunblane Primary. The four words we are thinking of this week are,

  • Contribution
  • Connection
  • Collaboration
  • Action

Our speakers in this episode, Emma Lupton of BMO Global Asset Management and Dorothea Christiana of UN House, UN Association Scotland, academic and author are subject market experts when it comes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Engagement and clear communication are important to us at FourWord Thinking and Waverton Wealth Planning, so we have provided a description of some of the UN SDG related terms used in the episode and links to further information.

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More than Four Words – Glossary

Four Word Thinking Podcast Series 1 – Episode 7

Term Description
UN SDGs United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – 17 goals signed up to by all member states of the UN in order to shape government policy and funding – these cover wide-ranging issues that affect people and planet – such as poverty, equality, right to education, climate change and fair and sustainable economic growth.


Millennial Goals The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were eight international development goals for the year 2015 that had been established following the Millennium Summit of the United Nations in 2000, The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) succeeded the MDGs in 2016.
BMO Global Asset Management You can find out more about BMO GAM via Waverton Wealth Planning. Email:

Their Responsible Global Equity fund features in our Responsible Futures investment portfolios as part of a diversified and risk-managed long-term sustainable investment solution and we generally deal with their  Glasgow office along the road from us. Emma Lupton is based in London working behind the scenes on the investment strategy and it was a total pleasure to get to speak to her via Zoom for the podcast.

United Nations Association (Scotland) The only charity in the UK devoted to building support for the UN amongst policymakers, opinion-formers and the public.


United Nations House Scotland (UNHS) UNHS established and leads the design of the UNHS Advocate programme, which is a platform that collaborates the efforts of civil society (organizations, businesses and individuals of society) to contribute to the UN goals in an engaging format. Multiple stakeholders and partners are engaged in this process.


(FourWord Thinking can vouch for their fantastic work  and people!)

National Performance Framework Scotland for the UN SDGs A fascinating read about the good work going on in Scotland.


VNR (Voluntary National Review)


The mechanism whereby UN member states are encouraged to report on their progress.

Impact metrics Measurement of the positive impact an investment has had on a target or goal, for example by reducing pollution or generating more clean energy.
The decade of delivery The UN SDGs are targets set for 2030, meaning we have less than 10 years remaining to ramp up progress and, with climate change in particular, the sooner we reduce emissions the better.
UN 2020 Annual Progress Report This document provides a great update on the progress towards the UN SDGs, taking into account the impact of the pandemic.
Bring the SDGs Home Guide Great guide to how you can help with the UN SDGs in your everyday life.


Scotland’s second enlightenment movement Read more about this here:

Twitter: @2ndEnlighten

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Dorothea Christiana You can look up more about Dorothea’s work and writings here (we are big fans!)

Twitter: @DorotheaChris

Instagram: Dorothea Christiana